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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  March 16, 2017 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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that is it, her movie is "the last." opens tomorrow night, thank you for joining us, really appreciate it. >> thank you, lawrence, thank you. msnbc's live coverage continues into the 11th hour with brian williams, that is next. nothing there. tonight why members of his own party descriing it as a heavy lift, "the 11th hour" begins now >> good evening from our headquarters in new york. day 56, a conspiracy theory floated by the president. that theory that president obama wiretapped trump tower.
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from the leaders of the house intelligence committee quotes, "we don't have any evidence." >> they found no indication that trump tower was the subject of surveillance. for sean spicer, it is difficult enough to work for a boss that's never wrong. sean spicer was combative. >> so sean, despite the findings and the senate and intelligence committee. >> no, they are not findings. as you know who days ago, the department of justice asked for a week.
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the statement says at this time, they don't believe that. they have yet to go through the information. the department of justice as you know has not supplied this. >> today's briefings of sean spicer spent nearly 8 minutes reading from news clipping to attempt to backup the allegation. the source material he cited does not do that. >> we'll look at how this is unfolded. >> lets go through what we do know. okay? >> hold on. i am trying to answer your question, jonathan. if you can calm down. on march 3rd, the chief anchor -- and january 19th, new york times reported the fallen and numerous outlets reported on the fbi investigation into mr. trump's advisers and the revealing of multi agencies group coordinating the investigation. three intelligence sources have informed fox news. jim.
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>> you were just quoting shawn hannity there. the house and senate and intelligence committee. >> i know you are going to cherry pick. >> you are citing shawn hannity. >> you tend to over look all sources because i know you want to cherry pick it. >> last night on fox news, lets remember as president presides over. intelligence gathering of this country instead cited news clippings on fox news broadcast as the reason why he contended president obama whier tapped him. i have been reading about things. i have been reading january 20th and new york times and we are talking about wiretapping. there was an article, i read other things because the new york times wrote about it. not that i respect the new york times, i call it the failing new
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york times. if you watch what he was saying and how he mentioned the word wiretap and he mentioned it and other people have mentioned it. >> sean spicer went further suggesting those two congressional intelligence committee simply don't have the evidence they need to say definitively that the president is wrong. >> he talked about last night and wiretapping, he meant surveillance. there is incidents that occurred. >> i believe he was. >> can you say that he feels like barack obama wired trump tower or surveillance or which is it? >> he was clear about this last night. he talked about it as you said. he meant it and put it in quotes and it was broad. that is what he meant by the use of the term. >> was it phone tapping? >> no, it was surveillance. we covered this ten times.
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>> i want to know a specific answer what it was. >> that's the point of them looking into this caitlin. >> in response, this statement from mark warner's office, he's the top democrat on the intelligence committee in the senate "bipartisan leader of the intelligence committee would not have made the statement they made without being briefed by the appropriate authorities." after today's briefing, warner spoke with our own katie hunt. >> he's bogus and there is nothing to it. the white house is trying to do is suggest that the president meant something other than the plain meaning of that word. it is a bogus distraction. >> one more reminder. here are the president's own words on this topic accusing his
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predecessor of a federal crime, "terrible, just found out that president obama had my trump tower wiretapped." a few minutes he wrote "how long have president obama gone to tap my phones during the sacred election process, this is nixon/water gate. bad, sick guy." our panelists. welcome to you all. vivian as a baghdad chief, you don't scare eeasily. i am interested of what it is like to sit there in the front row. we can measure a judge so much from your facial expression.
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[ laughter ] >> the facial expressions are just one side of it. there is so much at stake with everything that's been said so far. . it does feel like it is been months and years of us getting to know donald trump and his administration and going over sometimes in circular motion, so many issues that the american people probably are getting frustrated with. you can see the report running through the reports of allegations of different stories of possible surveillance or ware tapping or any kind of monitoring that went on by trump administration officials and people were associated to the campaign and one of the interesting thing of so many questions that were going on today were focused on donald trump's accusations towards
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barack obama that "he wiretapped, monitored donald trump's communications via wiretapped," they obviously, walked that back. we were pushing sean spicer to tell us, is the information that donald trump has regard to these accusations, is it classified information. is it opened source information and now donald trump, yesterday in the interview said he's going to come out with some information in two weeks and it was going to be big and grand of this donald trump-esque style teasing of what is coming ahead. what is the nature of the evidence of these accusations. they walked it back and say we don't want to get into it. >> how this president has never had to account for his use of words in the past.
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with that in mind, i ask you what's the world thinking when they watch us and when they watch our new president? >> well, the president's word is sort of gold. that's the tradition that everyone looks at and it is verified and every word that comes out of his mouth should be something that people can rely on. what's new and scary and dangerous is that we have a president who not only consumes conspiracy theories, he creates them. people around the world don't know how to deal with that. >> they -- they look at the autocrafts and dictators in their own countries and think, well, at least america is an exception. now, america has a leader that has many of those same qualities. what you have in psychology, he only believes things that he already believes. that's a dangerous situation.
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the president has to be able to look at all the information and try to come up with an objective truth. >> chris matthew was asking tonight, what if like eisenhower -- >> what's scary is this guy never admit to his mistakes. he's always doubling down on everything. >> jeremy, based on your experience in washington of a different cabinet departments, if i asked you both intelligence committee senate and the house speak with the united voice on this. this is both parties as well. do you think that's as good as it gets. is there a chance there missing out on something they have not briefed on something, is there a chance that donald trump is in receive of something they have
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not seen? >> no chance at all in my experience, brian. the senate intelligence committee is asking in a bipartisan fashion which is tradition. as the house intelligence committee and acting in a non partisan fashion. i thought the statement from the senator is very broad. there is no surveillance and no wiretapping. it is a term used that set up the surveillance regime in the united states. i actually think it is broader than just to find as a target, means there was no surveillance at trump tower at all but what i think is is a broader issue, i think this is really weird of fbi director comey is going to have to go on monday is there are probably is an fbi investigation into connection of trump circle and russia. that's what the president was trying to deflect attention away from two and a half weeks ago. that's the major story that
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we'll all turn to. >> vivian and nicole wallace of traveling who cannot join us. on an earlier broadcast said this about donald trump. a big man, worthy of the office maybe thinking o f an apology. as a former communication director of the white house, this white house staff has been "made to look profoundly weak" because of the shortage of people willing to speak truth to power. from your point, have you seen that manifested in any way. >> i asked sean spicer today if we can expect anything, anything on the level of an apology if barack obama found to have nothing to do with this or if there is no proof of wiretapping or surveillance of any kind and sean spicer says we still have to see what the intelligence
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committee and what the community brings back. he's saying it is too early to tell and he would not go as far assaying yes, if there is nothing found then president trump will apologize to president obama for these harsh and very damming accusations that he made against him. and to the point that you were just talking about is that it is sort of a deflection, keep in mind that when this tweet came out, it was early on a saturday morning, it was about 6:30 in the morning on a saturday morning. it was days after his address to congress which was seem as a really big sort of turning point for president trump of this big presidential moment where he was trying to bring everyone together. it is a high point and sort of his early presidency and four days later, he started tweeting this. we sort of step back in that you know the side shows that this administration had come to be known for so early on. it was a distraction from so many other issues that we were trying to talk about now like
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healthcare and budget and that's where we stand at this point. >> and here jeremy, here is the president quoting to enhance his theory that he was wired tap failing sad new york times and quoting fox news, shawn hannity. >> when he has at his disposal. the men and women and professionals who are working for u.s. intelligence gather. >> what's really distressing is this is apart of a pattern practice of taking the side of somebody other than his own intelligence professionals. taking the side of russian intelligence officials and taking the side of wikileaks and shawn hannity and fox news when in a real security crisis, he will have to rely on intelligence assessments and rely on the fbi and the nsa and other agencies, he will have to
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communicate with the american people of what they are telling him to justify military operations. if he cannot do that credibly, we are in a world of trouble. >> jeremy, vivian, thank you very much for joining us tonight. our first break coming up of the proposed budget cut and they are dramatic as "the 11th hour" . so tell us your big idea for getting the whole country booking on choice
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we cannot spend money on program just because they sound good and great meals on wheels sound great.
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that's taking the federal money and give it to states, look, we want the give you money for program that don't work. we cannot defend that anymore. >> there is this perception in washington that if you get less money, it is a cut. >> you perhaps heard the phrase, elections have consequences. we are seeing it now. big picture, it increases the budget of homeland security and it makes daughter and son i can cut to the epa and state department and it could cut meals on wheels. the military time he's pointing out could in turn hitting the president. this is the next fight the president may wage within his own party. there are a couple of republicans expressing doubts about the plan within hours of its release. >> the folks in the state department and many cases o f
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the unsung heroes of foreign policy. it is important to make sure they are well resourced in order for conflict preventions were preventions. that's going to have a hard time to get any tractions. >> this is a starting place, ultimately, some of those things i have delivered meals for meals on wheels. those types of programs will stay in place. it is a working progress. >> we are joined by usa today, heidi. new york city getting cut and madness and commissioners are angry. one presidential trip to mar-go-largo estimates $3 million. >> heidi, we are entering that
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season for folks watching at home, how much of this is going to survive? how much of what is proposed will we ever see at the end of the line? >> republicans, i talked to a number of budget officials just cannot see this surviving in its current form. it may not matter brian. this is trump's first opportunity to express that populous doctor that he sold to so many people in these depressed areas of the country. he was not a compassionate conservative like george h.w. bush. he was a true populous that was coming in and rescue the forgotten men. i looked in the story, programming and specifically how these cuts would target trump country. for instance, the rural store fronts that provides job trading
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to displace workers. the appalachian regional commission which goes in small business loans to these depressed areas and eliminated live heat and serves cold people, cold people in these great lakes states, cut. it is really hard to see how politically the administration can walk away from this and still take that claim essentially having a populous mantel. >> there is the russian reset >> there is the russian reset and things like benghazi. why did we just hear state department employees described as heroes? >> state department employees are heroes because they go all around the world and do things
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that americans don't always understand. they sacrificed themselves to combat ebola and aids. they give money to peace keeping missions. just to pull back one second, he's proposing a $54 billion is more than the entire state's department budget and the foreign aid budget combined. so what he's doing is robbing peter to pay paul. as secretary mattis say, i have to pay more ammunition because we are more at risk. this is money to go to our security. >> heidi prybyla, after healthcare, this goes up next. what happens if the trump tower does not win one or two along the way >> first of all, it is going to be hard to get anything done, this or tax reform or anything if they're not able to get obamacare done.
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i do think that both of these programs are showing that they are an expression, healthcare and this budget of where the president's values and commitments are to those forgotten workers. brian, the healthcare analysis that are coming out showed that those trump districts and trump states are some of the hardest hit of obamacare subsidies and the same thing is going to go in those budgets of the programs that i just outlined. those people are hard hit by the budget and the obamacare. >> rich stengel and heidi przybyla, thank you for both of you joining us. >> this is "the 11th hour."
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last thing before we go tonight is this. a new view of a dark chapter in our modern history of the u.s. conducted between 1945 and 1962, all newly declassified. these tests were essential during the cold war as the u.s. was in an arm's race with the ten soviet union, there were over 200 nuclear tests conducted by our country. the united states remains the only nation to have ever used a nuclear weapon. because a new president is now responsible for their use and because of what north korea's
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young leader has been up to testing missiles that could carry nuclears hong distances >> rex tillerson spoke on the talks of korea of his visit in japan. still rex tillerson has not given any interview. he's hinting of a u.s. policy of north korea. >> the board recognized na the diplomatics and other effects of the past 20 years to bring north korea to a point of denuclearization have failed. >> it is clear that a different approach is required. >> with this trip, rex tillerson, breaks decades by not traveling. our andrea mitchell who's using commercial flight across asia tonight.
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that's our broadcast. thank you for being with us. "hardball" begins right now. tap dance, lets play "hardball." ♪ good evening, i am chris matthews in washington. for donald trump today, march 16th 2017 is doomsday for his claim that president obama ordered a wiretap on him. >> today, we have seen no indications that trump tower was the subject of surveillance by any elements of the u.s. government. yesterday the leaders of the house intelligence committee


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